Natural care

Are you looking for an expert partner in natural cosmetics?

High quality natural cosmetics
of Provence

The skin care products we formulate and manufacture are made with the greatest care. Natural cosmetics have been part of Cosmetics & co's DNA since its creation, because we believe that the skin needs natural ingredients, noble ingredients to be healthy and radiant.

Provence offers us a multitude of natural ingredients such as olive oil, sweet almond oil, rice extract, carrot oil... This richness of our land of Provence, we have at heart to offer it to our customers, to integrate it into your formulas to make you benefit from its benefits.

Care for a face application: face cream, face scrub, serum, cleansing milk, micellar water

We formulate and manufacture natural care products for facial application in the form of :

  • Emulsion such as a face cream, a cleansing milk, a scrub, a mask...
  • Oil or gel for a serum, concentrated benefits for the skin
  • Aqueous for a cleansing and make-up removing micellar water.
  • D-phase gel emulsion - transformation emulsion - the gel turns into milk when in contact with water (face mask application, or face cleanser)

Body care cosmetics: body scrub, body cream, body lotion, hand cream, cold cream, massage oil

The natural cares that we formulate and manufacture for body application are with different galenics:

  • Emulsion: body milk, body cream or balm, hand cream, body scrub, lightening care...
  • Inverse emulsion: traditional cold cream
  • Oily: body oil, massage oil, body serum

Hair care: conditioner, hair mask, hair oil

We formulate and manufacture natural hair care products for the well-being of hair. The natural ingredients provide real benefits to the hair fiber and respect the health of the hair.

We offer formulas with different galenics for an effective beauty routine:

  • Emulsion: silicone-free conditioner, hair mask...
  • Oily: oil for hair, oil after the beach, oil for curly hair

Are you looking for an expert partner in solid cosmetics?

Cosmetics & Co is an expert in the formulation and manufacture of solid cosmetics.

Are you looking for an expert partner in natural cosmetics for MEN?

The MEN skin care products that we formulate and manufacture are specially designed for men's skin.