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Are you looking for an expert partner in the creation of natural cosmetic products?

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Our creative know-how, rooted in Provence, ensures expertise in research and development of formulas, manufacturing and packaging: your products are ready to be delivered to your distribution network.

A know-how sublimated by the mastery of gestures.

Our authentic know-how is at your service to create, manufacture and package your cosmetic products, future leaders on your market. Our formulas combining naturalness, sensoriality, and innovation are the guarantee of success for your brand.

Our expertise in the development of natural formulas.

Our expertise takes shape in exclusive natural formulas that give your brand a personal identity.

  • Creation of formulas adapted to your market
  • Manufacturing of care products for body application: body milk, body cream, body scrub, hand cream, care oil, massage oil
  • Care for a face application: face cream, face scrub, serum, cleansing milk, micellar water
  • Solid care for body application: body balm, deodorant, solid perfume
  • Solid care products for face application: solid face cream, make-up remover
  • Solid care for hair application: solid shampoo, solid conditioner, solid mask
  • Men's care: face cream, aftershave balm, beard oil and soap, mask, deodorant stick
  • Hair care: conditioner, mask, oil, mist


Because a responsible corporate citizen is constantly seeking to take into account the technological and human challenges of its time, Cosmetics & Co is taking a step forward by developing a benevolent and responsible management, a source of progress and fulfillment.

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