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The cosmetics market is undergoing a radical transformation and must take into account the ecological challenges of our current world. The market is structuring and developing with niches that are progressing at an exponential rate. To make the difference, Emilie Grangeon offers you a tailor-made support totally adapted to your needs.

Emilie Grangeon a 360° vision for your project

She positions herself upstream of the creation of your project to decipher your expectations and give you the essential keys of this market that she masters perfectly. Her objective is to make you benefit from her experience and her network to facilitate the development and success of your brand.

From formulation to production, Emilie Grangeon and her team help you find the most relevant solutions to your objectives.

Let's create your project together!

Typical example of project development:

With the characteristic elements of your brief, our teams propose the development of formulas that best meet your specifications, with samples to support them. We provide you with our know-how and our knowledge of components and formulas to transcribe your ideas into formulations.

  1. Definition of your specifications
  2. Formulation by our R&D department / Packaging proposal (cardboard box, bottle, jar...)
  3. Test of the formulas by the customer
  4. Modification of the formula if necessary
  5. Validation of the final formula and packaging by the customer
  6. Graphic design with brand identity (provided by the client, or by our partner provider)
  7. Sending the price offer to the customer
  8. Validation of the price offer by the customer
  9. Sending the customer order
  10. Launch of formulation tests with laboratories
  11. Manufacturing and packaging of products
  12. Shipping

Turnkey formulas

We also have our own catalog of formulas. They can be used and modified according to your needs, and have already proven their worth on the marketing circuits. Regularly supplemented with new active ingredients, these turnkey cosmetic or hygiene formulas can be used as a basis for developing your own formulas.

Choose from our "turnkey" catalog of innovative formulas that are ready to be manufactured and packaged. From solid cosmetic formulas, to palm-free or even vegan formulas... we have a unique range of choices.

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