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Packaging lines
for care and solid cosmetics

Our production lines are perfectly adapted from small to medium series. Our manufacturing tanks and our packaging lines allow us to obtain a production capacity of: volume per hour, number of pieces per hour...

Manufacturing tanks

Our manufacturing tanks allow us to make batches from 150kg to 600kg for skin care cosmetics, and from 60kg to 200kg for solid cosmetics.

Automatic packaging line for cosmetic care products in jars and bottles of all sizes

Our automatic packaging line fills all types of jars and bottles: from 30ml to 1L.

The jars and bottles are packaged, screwed and labeled automatically.

Automatic packaging line for solid cosmetics

Our automatic solid cosmetic packaging line fills silicone molds that can be engraved with your exclusive brand. These molds are placed in a cold room to be cooled, and then the products are removed from the molds, and crated for hand packing.

Packaging of PE and laminated pipes

We have a packaging machine for PE pipes and laminated pipes. We pack from 10ml to 250ml with different tube diameters: 25-30-35-40-50.

Are you looking for an expert partner in natural cosmetics packaging?

Packaging and logistics of natural care and solid cosmetics.