Men's Cosmetics

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High natural cosmetics
for men

The men's skin care products that we formulate and manufacture are designed specifically for men's skin.

The natural and organic cosmetic segment for men has been growing for the last few years, and the formulas we propose are perfectly adapted to all skin types. From the choice of the ingredients we use to the packaging we propose, you will be able to create a complete range of products for men perfectly adapted to your market.

The raw materials used in our formulas are non-comedogenic for a healthier skin.

The men's care products we formulate and manufacture offer your clients a complete routine to accompany them throughout the day:

  • Shaving care: soap and cream for shaving the beard.
  • After shave care: after shave balm that soothes razor burn, moisturizing mask.
  • Daily care: face cream, beard oil, solid deodorant stick, eau de toilette...

Face cream

The men's face creams we formulate are adapted to men's skin: the rigorous selection of ingredients and the fluid and light texture are essential criteria for the success of a formula adapted to your market.

After shave balm

The After Shave Balm soothes and moisturizes men's skin. We select natural active ingredients, in accordance with your specifications, which will help the skin to find hydration and softness. These active ingredients will regulate the skin's sebum by providing a matifying effect and an anti-comedogenic action. Our formulas are thus effective and easy to apply.

Beard oil and soap

Our oil formulas are non-greasy and perfectly suited to nourish the beard hair. The beard soap can be used to clean or shave the beard.

Face mask

Men's skin regularly needs a detox. Our mask formulas can act on skin impurities, pollution, the effect of blue light, in accordance with your defined specifications.


The solid deodorant in stick or roll-on version is an indispensable part of the men's range! Our natural formulas are effective thanks to a selection of objectivated antiperspirant active ingredients.

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The care products we formulate and manufacture are made with the greatest care.