Our values

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The human being at the heart of the company
and customer relations

Because a responsible corporate citizen is constantly seeking to take into account the technological and human challenges of its time, Cosmetics & Co is taking a step forward by developing a benevolent and responsible management, a source of progress and fulfillment.

Our know-how : Listening at the heart of our customer relations

The know-how, an essential element in any relationship, pushes us to go further in our approach to our customers. We value listening to your needs, and we take into consideration your constraints in order to find solutions so that our relationship is long-lasting and based on trust.

Our responsibility: To design and manufacture meaningful products

Responsibility is a fundamental value that leads our entire team to be aware of the impact that each of us can have on our daily actions. Responsibility leads us to design your cosmetic products that make sense, to produce and package them with conscience, in order to obtain the best quality for your products.

How we develop creativity and caring
within our company

Our know-how, a pool of wealth and skills, is at your disposal and is developed around the corporate values embodied by all our employees and partners.

Creativity and Competence

Creativity is our daily driving force at all levels:

  • During the definition of your specifications, our team puts its creativity at your service to create a range of cosmetic products to your image.
  • When developing formulas, we use our expertise in terms of sourcing, performance and trend ingredients to create ever more innovative formulas.
  • During manufacturing and packaging, in support of our skills and creativity

Benevolence and Humanity

Caring and humanity are fundamental values within our team, and in our relationships with our customer and supplier partners. Working with kindness means listening, being aware of our customers' issues, and the impact of our work on the products we design and manufacture. Our intention and motivation is to make your brand successful.

Authenticity and Responsibility

Authenticity and responsibility are present in each of our actions and decisions at Cosmetics & Co. We have at heart to have an authentic relationship with our customers partners in order to work in confidence, and to accomplish a successful work for a lasting relationship.

Freedom and independence

Freedom and independence are embodied by our independent family business, which allows our clients and partners to have freedom of choice in their creativity in line with their brand identity.

Our soft skills guide us in informed relationships, which strengthen the meaning of all our partnerships.

sublimated by the mastery of gestures

Our authentic know-how is at your service to create, manufacture and package your cosmetic products, future leaders on your market. Our formulas combining naturalness, sensoriality, and innovation are the guarantee of success for your brand.

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