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More ecological and economical, solid cosmetics control the environmental impact (water-reduced or water-free formulation, controlled origin of raw materials).


Solid cosmetics is an emerging market in which Cosmetics & Co finds its values of creativity, authenticity, innovation, and benevolence for the planet. Solid cosmetics are part of an eco-responsible and zero waste approach to minimize our impact on the environment.

The Green trend of Clean Beauty encourages us to formulate from ingredients manufactured or grown in France, or from up-cycled ingredients in order to reuse materials destined to be thrown away.Beauty brands must adapt to market trends and pursue their innovations in order to be in line with tomorrow's consumers who are in a responsible and ethical approach.

Since its creation, Cosmetics & Co has placed solid cosmetics at the heart of its investments, firstly in the development of innovative formulas, then in the investment of an adapted industrial tool.

Solid care for body application: body balm, deodorant...

Our solid cosmetic formulas are totally adapted for body care:

  • Body balm to be applied directly on the skin, or to be warmed between your hands before applying it in massage on the concerned area. Discover our existing formulas based on cocoa butter and shea butter
  • Solid deodorant in a recyclable cardboard stick, or in a bar to be applied directly on the skin for a remarkable efficiency.

Solid care products for face application: face cream, make-up remover, lip balm

A new gesture for our face care products. We create and manufacture innovative and effective solid face care products:

  • Solid makeup remover is used very simply by massaging directly on the face, or rubbing on a cotton pad, preferably reusable, which will remove makeup effectively. Our easy-to-sample and easy-to-apply formula can be adapted to your specifications
  • Solid face cream can be applied directly on the face, or by heating it between your hands before applying it in massage. Our natural formulas can be adapted to the needs of your market: dry skin care, anti-aging, anti-pollution ...
  • Lip balm in jar or stick with formulas that can be 100% natural

Solid care for hair application: natural or organic solid shampoo, solid conditioner, solid mask

The solid care products are perfectly adapted to a capillary application:

  • Natural or organic solid shampoo: in line with market expectations, solid shampoo is a must in solid cosmetics. What are your requirements in your solid shampoo formulas ? sulfate free ? 100% natural ? certifiable organic ? we can meet your expectations.
  • Solid conditioner: formulate a solid conditioner that is easy to use for the consumer in terms of removal, that is effective, while maintaining sensoriality, it is possible! Our innovative formula will perfectly fit the needs of your market
  • Solid Mask: a rich solid hair care product for the hair.

Solid perfume

A new gesture in the world of perfume is born:

  • The solid perfume, a real perfume concentrate, combines the body care aspect with the naturalness of an alcohol-free perfume.

Our formulas sublimate your perfume for a faithful restitution on the skin.

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The care products we formulate and manufacture are made with the greatest care.

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The MEN skin care products that we formulate and manufacture are specially designed for men's skin.